“It's personal, it's private, it's mine. You can look, but only
because I say so.” — SADIE LEIGH

America is in crisis. Our centuries long march toward the realization of the promise of freedom and equality outlined at the birth of the republic is now faced with an extant threat that wishes to undermine our progress. We are being reminded daily that our safety and even wellbeing is not a given, and our very existence and right simply to be is challenged by a monolithic patriarchy.

SLVT CULT is a collective of women who refuse to be silenced, and give voice to those unable to truly express themselves. Women who celebrate the female body and identity in all forms. This piece is a study on strength, perseverance, and beauty in the face of intimidation, disrespect, and the dehumanization of women. It's a celebration of the female form as experienced by one individual female in her own brilliant body. This piece is a combination of choreography, improvisation, and incredible inspiration drawn from the incomparable music of Antonia.



Spurred by frustration at the daily micro aggressions women are subjected to, we photographed female creatives in the attire that would elicit unwanted male attention. We hit the streets at night with an all-female crew to take back our agency and imagine what it would be like to live without the latent fear even the most badass of us carry constantly. We allowed ourselves to be angry. Every single woman has stories of being groped, grabbed, or harassed without her consent. Rape culture and male entitlement is rampant in this country... we say ENOUGH.